Brides of today want their weddings, and naturally, their wedding pictures, to be organic, romantic, natural, and personal, No longer will the throwing the bouquet, catching the bouquet, and looking out the back window of the getaway car pictures suffice. The married couple of 2018 is looking for photographs that capture the feelings, love, and joy of their special day. So, how does a couple find such a photographer? There are ways to find the wedding picture-taker of your dreams. Here are some tips.


  1. Peruse your potential photographer’s gallery online and read the words that are written on the page. These two items alone can help you get the right person for your personality. Look for phrases such as:

  • Not your ordinary wedding pictures
  • Finding that space between the real world and the dream world
  • Intimate moments
  • Joyful love stories
  • The unexpected
  • That elusive artistic side of everyday things



  1. Photographers are more and more attempting to be as invisible as they can. Doing so allows the people involved in the wedding to appear more natural and off-the-beaten-track. The pictures do, indeed, become more magical. Look for words like these as you journey through their web pages:

  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Joy
  • Creative
  • Free-flowing
  1. Another key ingredient is that most “natural” wedding photographers will ask you and your partner to spend some time alone with him or her just to get to know you better and to encourage you to let him or her know which pictures are absolute necessities which should be taken at each step of the day (wedding, reception, bridesmaids luncheon, before ceremony, after ceremony) and, so forth.

A creative and talented photographer will ask you:

  • All about you and your beloved
  • What type of wedding and setting you have chosen
  • The kinds of parties you are having
  • The style or history of the wedding dress you will be wearing
  • About your best friends, your bridesmaids, your parents, your ring-bearer
  • Who will be giving you away
  • Who will be giving you your “something blue”
  • Who’s coming in from out-of-town
  • Your most romantic date spots

The answers to these questions set the foundation for understanding the little details that will make everyone most excited about your wedding’s documentation. And these are also the features that will make for love-filled memories and pictures.


  1. Your ideal wedding photographer will answer the following questions with a resounding, “Yes.”

  • Will the price of the pictures be based on the time you spend with us?
  • May I get as many or as few of the pictures, videos, flash drives, books as I want?
  • Will a second photographer be available?
  • Will you take the pictures anywhere we would like for them to be taken?
  • Do you also take photographs at elopements or engagements?
  • Will your photographs document the myriad feelings during my wedding day?


Help your documentarian by keeping those being photographed relaxed and comfortable. Usually, the most comfortable spot is home. This is the place where you are used to being “normal.” Not only in your new home or your parents’ homes, but also in casual times like these:

  • A walk in the park
  • A pillow fight
  • Catching fireflies
  • Eating ice cream
  • Pouring laundry, still warm from the dryer, on each other
  • Sending candlelit luminaries into the sky
  • Singing karaoke

Pictures of these activities involving both families, kids, friends and the bride and groom are what your sought-after photographer will know how to get. After all, isn’t it really just about the shared, exuberant, love?